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Galooli’s Solution – Organization’s Primary KPI Tool

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Galooli’s solution for improving energy efficiency, based on KPI [Key Performance Indicator] processes, leads to cutting costs and adding real value for our clients.

The next level of RMS solution is to provide real value to the customer and demonstrate significant progress in OPEX saving and business efficiency.

How does Galooli’s solution achieve this?

By focusing on the main components of our clients’ businesses, which are likely to waste excessive resources if not managed efficiently:

  • Reliability
  • Visibility
  • Fuel
  • Energy
  • Operations
  • Maintenance
  • Clients

With our smart solution and data analysis, we can present managers with accurate assessments of the state of their business. This information helps them define their desirable KPIs in order to reduce expenses and run the business more optimally. After defining the KPIs based on the data collected by Galooli’s solution, the path to maximum efficiency is shortened. Relying on our system alerts, smart reports and analysis, we are able to pinpoint the weaknesses and ineffectiveness of the business. Based on the accompanying conclusions, the company can act immediately to improve and streamline processes, prevent malfunctions, save energy and fuel expenses and improve customer service. This process has a truly transformational effect on the business.

With our smart tools, system, and analysis you can reevaluate your business status and make huge steps towards meeting your newly effective KPIs. At Galooli, we believe that this process will lead to ongoing streamlining of your business and oriented organizational culture and foster continuous improvement and adherence to quantitative and qualitative KPIs.

For example:

  1. Based on an analysis of our smart reporting and comparing the data to the customer configurations, we found discrepancies in fuel CPH (consumption per hour) between sites. The causes for such a discrepancy can be, for example, fuel thefts, malfunctioning generators, or poor fuel quality. Our solution helps discover the main reasons and provides suggestions for how to react and reduce those events.
  2. Most customers rely on their carrier to give them the right amount of fuel. We compared the carrier information to our reports and found a gap between them. This analysis provided valuable information to our client. We solved this event on two levels. First, we checked the calibration on the fuel tank to ensure the reliability of the data. Second, we implemented regular monitoring of the fuel carriers in order to prevent incorrect information transfer.
  3. Refueling is normally scheduled based on periodic intervals. This is because of the concern about fuel thefts and a lack of information regarding the real fuel status on sites. Customers prefer to refuel a minimal amount of fuel to avoid high fuel expenses. But instead of saving, they are losing a lot of money due to frequent visits to sites for refueling, and excessive downtime for generators as a result of empty fuel tanks. Our solution allows full transparency and reliability of fuel status on the site, along with a smart alert system, thus saving operations a lot of money.
  4. A hybrid site’s optimal energy efficiency is determined when 50% of its energy relies on batteries. The generator is designed to charge the batteries to their maximum and then switch off automatically. It returns to work again when the batteries are almost fully discharged. A case study we conducted with one of our customers shows that many of their sites were utilizing batteries for only 5-10% of the time which meant that  90-95% of the time they were working on generator power. This inefficient power management wastes a lot of money for the business. Our solution helps to avoid this by providing customers with full control of the site’s condition and smart analysis which highlights any abnormal behavior.

The most important benefits of this process are:

  • Increased awareness of the proper use of Galooli’s system
  • Full transparency for making smarter management decisions
  • Monitoring and ongoing management according to KPIs
  • Transparency and full control of suppliers, employees and execution of work in the field
  • Streamlined and cost-effective processes
  • Confidence in the system’s data reliability
  • Preventive and pre-planned maintenance
  • Real added value and OPEX savings to your business

Don’t say you didn’t know!

If you are already our customer, make sure you are utilizing all the value you can get.

And if not, contact us as soon as possible and start growing your business today.