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Driving Efficiency
and Sustainability

with Remote Energy Management

Take control of your energy use and put an end to unnecessarily wasted resources, with Galooli’s power management RMM software customized to your site’s operating behaviour.

Our remote monitoring and management solution provides the information you need to maximize your site’s energy efficiency and minimize wasteful energy use. By understanding operating behaviour such as peak and idle times, Galooli’s software can adjust that energy use accordingly, reducing fuel costs and refuelling frequency.

Management challenges

Galooli’s Answer

A deep lack of knowledge

Operators and managers tend to have no connection to the machinery they use on a daily basis, making it difficult for them to understand when maintenance is needed, or inefficiencies are present.

Ongoing management

All too often, energy sources are integrated and forgotten, as if they will automatically operate at peak effectiveness. Yet, to ensure these assets operate properly and provide the optimal effect, they must be monitored and managed, around the clock.

The rising cost of onsite only

Discovering the source of various malfunctions or losses in continuity can only be done onsite, requiring emergency visits at unpredictable times. As network technology evolves, these problems are only getting more costly.

Galooli’s Answer

Solve the complexity of managing multiple power sources

Reduce operational costs, energy costs and carbon footprint

Digitize operational businesses’ remote assets and increase their efficiency

Decentralize operational resources and enable real time monitoring, and control

Ready to optimize your facilities' energy efficiency?

What we achieved

up to

0 %
Every year

our customers reduce their
GHG emission in a rate of 10%
every year with our solution


0 T
Data points

collected from hundreds of
thousand of ioT assets
connected to our colud


$ 0 M

our costomers have saved
over 300m$ only by using
our solution this year

Our Solutions

Remote Control

With Galooli’s DAC, a wealth of functionalities and operational commands  sent to specific remote equipment or energy assets give you unprecedented remote management capabilities, while cutting operational costs – in hours!

Energy Asset Monitoring

Galooli opens your eyes to how your remote sites use energy, providing live alerts to ensure incidents are handled promptly, and looking at energy usage over time to improve your site’s efficiency and lower operational costs.

Battery management system

Galooli’s BMS allows you to track and manage your batteries’ performance and usage metrics - state of health, state of charge, voltage, usage duration, and more - foreshadowing maintenance needs and optimization opportunities while drastically reducing downtime

Site Management

Galooli’s Site Management solution provides overarching visibility, monitoring, and live alerts on every one of your sites and remote assets via a broad network of cameras, sensors, etc., ensuring speedy and efficient incident resolution.


Galooli’s Sustainability solution tracks performance metrics across remote facilities, comparing a network of sites to ensure you consistently meet your emissions goals and regulatory requirements, and reduce your overall carbon footprint.

Generator management

Take control of your generator's performance and operations from afar with our Generator Management solution. Track important KPIs, detect potential maintenance woes and control the asset remotely from wherever you are without arriving onsite.

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"Galooli provides a critical solution for our business operations. They have directly generated significant sustainable cost savings"
Gordon Porter
Former CEO, American Tower subs
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"Since the deployment of the Galooli system,our OPEX has dropped by 45%"
Adams Nurudeen
Asset and Compliance Manager
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“Galooli, a leading force in the field of RMS, has been able to maintain an excellent standard of quality”
Piergiorgio Balbo
Head of Reserve Power Solutions