Making Your Assets Smart and Healthy

Remotely check pulse of all assets parameters and ongoing behavior.

Digitize your energy producing assets to detect anomalies and predict failures.

Make assets last longer by changing customers and systems behavior.

Convert your business raw data into actual money-saving measures.

Collecting 80M Data Points Daily and Growing

Galooli AoT Solution
telecom dashboard

End-to-End Solution

  • Remote management of a variety of connected assets through one smart integrated platform
  • Real-time visibility and data integrity
  • Comparing results in relation with the business KPI
  • Comparing results with the rest of the world
  • Asset behavior and malfunctions prediction

Control On-the-Go

  • Asset monitoring from any point on the globe in unlimited volume
  • Quick, easy-to-use and provides full visibility and transparency from manager level to technician level
  • Real-time alerts, keeping your assets healthy and safe
Fleet & Workforce Management app

Learn How to Make the Most of Your Assets Data

Transforming Assets Data into Bottom-line
Financial Savings

Use cases for OPEX reduction, energy optimization and operations improvement

Achieve Superior Performance

Brand Equity

Increase reliability, predictability and customer satisfaction to set your apart from the competition.

Culture Shift

Set goals as a company and track progress against measurable data points and KPIs.

OPEX Saving

Increase operational up-time, minimize theft and vandalism, reduce equipment failure and optimize energy usage.

Operational Excellence

Displaying automatic alerts, reducing response times, displaying remote real-time visibility, and increasing asset availability.

Ready to Upgrade Your Operational Efficency?

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