Generator Management

Remote Management AoT Solution for Connected Generators

Generator Smart Management

Getting Your Generators to Work at the Highest Efficiency

Generators often serve as a crucial backup, or even the main, power source in many power-operated assets, which makes their consistent functioning imperative. With Galooli, generator-based businesses enjoy an all-inclusive, AI-driven solution that, through smart alerts, contributes to increased generator life, effortless generator maintenance, increased work efficiency and greater operational savings.

Full Coverage of Your Connected Generators

Smart Usage

Control your machinery through powerful real-time data: RPM, kVa, temperature, resistance, fuel level and more.

Remote Access

Look under the hood from anywhere on the planet.

Theft Prevention

Real-time alerts and GPS tracking keep your property where it belongs.

Life Extension

AI-based rules and configurable settings help your generators live longer healthier lives.

Greener Energy

Make better use of exactly what you need.

Smart Solution for Streamline Operations

Generator Solution Architecture
Learn How to Make Your Generator Smarter

Converting Big Data to Actionable Insights

Easy Comparison

Compare operational efficiency between multiple contractors of generator fleets

Predictive Maintenance

Harness sophisticated AI-generated data, reducing and preventing machine and equipment downtime

Optimal Usage

Maintain generator optimal energy-efficency level

Manage Your Generators from Anywhere

Generator Smart Management app screen

Take Control of Your Energy Producing Assets

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We’re thrilled to announce that the newly developed Galooli SPARTA LIB tracker supports lithium-ion batteries!