Battery Management & Tracking

Remote Management & Tracking AoT Solution for Industrial Batteries

Making Batteries Smart, Healthy and Secure

Smart Solution for a Variety of Industrial Batteries in the Reserve and Motive Power Usages

Smart Management

Remotely check pulse of all battery parameters and ongoing behavior

Remote Analytics

Digitize your energy producing assets to detect anomalies and predict failures

Life Extension

Make assets last longer by changing customers and systems behavior

Tight Security

Get alerts when someone moves the battery And follow its location

Smart Battery GPS Tracker

The Ultimate Theft Prevention Solution

Companies all over the world are experiencing a huge loss due to the batteries theft phenomenon and are in real need for effective protecting methods. Galooli's new Battery GPS Tracker technology offers a smart and easy solution that can be integrated with the most common batteries used in the market, protect them from thefts and save you thousands of dollars.

  • Pre-theft detection by a vibration sensor
  • Real-time alerts
  • Minimal energy consumption of the unit
  • Remote configuration capability
  • Embedded SIM (eSIM)
  • High cost-effectiveness
  • Measures the battery temperature and voltage

Battery Theft Tracking

Battery Theft Tracking

How it Works

Learn How to Protect Your Batteries

Full Coverage of Your Connected Batteries

Battery Alarms

  • Voltage, Temperature, and Tracking alarms displays organized by type and by batteries
  • Alerts data showcase
  • Alerts filtering by type or battery
Battery Management

Battery Management

  • Battery behavior display bounded by time periods
  • Battery abnormal behavior display
  • Comparison between batteries in the same string / cabinet / fleet

Manage & Track Your Batteries from Anywhere

  • Quick, easy-to-use and provides full visibility
  • Full availability from manager level to technician level
  • Monitoring from any point on the globe in unlimited volume
  • Real-time alerts, keeping your batteries healthy and safe

Battery Management and Tracking App

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Technicians Unit Installation App

Mobile Management & Tracking Solution1

AI-based Patented Technology Extends Batteries’ Lifetime

  • Presenting what is really going on with your batteries
  • Enabling you to predict behaviors
  • Comparing results in relation with your business KPIs
  • Comparing results with the rest of the world

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We’re thrilled to announce that the newly developed Galooli SPARTA LIB tracker supports lithium-ion batteries!