Maximizing Your Remote Control Capabilities

Galooli's Dynamic Active Control Feature
Galooli's Dynamic Active Control Feature

Have you ever wondered how much the electricity you use costs? Sure we try to conserve energy, turn off lights, make sure our
remote sites aren’t running when idle, but the actual economics behind our energy use is oft-forgotten.

Though the world is still heavily reliant on energy derived from fossil fuels, recent trends in renewable energy have made the traditionally cost-prohibitive energy sources much more accessible.

Before diving into a cost breakdown for renewable energy, let’s first talk about how organizations can begin to calculate and monitor their energy costs.

What’s the Problem?

Remote energy assets present a constant challenge to maintain their continual operations. Normally, any malfunctions are detected and diagnosed onsite. This process requires a technician, travel, and the incurred costs from the maintenance.  

In addition, depending on the remote site or facility’s reliance on that energy source, a service outage can occur. This sets off a chain reaction that has significant financial implications for the site operator and service operators relying on that site’s uptime. 

These stakeholders are in a race against time and available resources to try to identify and remedy these problems, but what if there was an easier way to accomplish this? What if those same technicians could diagnose and treat malfunctions and issues for these remote sites from the comfort of an office? 

What if site and facility operators and service providers could start saving OPEX and CAPEX costs, maximize the performance of their remote assets, and ensure they can effectively mitigate issues in real-time?

The solution to the challenges these stakeholders face is Galooli’s Dynamic Active Control. 

How is Galooli Solving the Problem?

Galooli Dynamic Active Control, or DAC is your universal remote control for your remote industrial assets. Through Galooli DAC, commands are sent to remote assets relating to their operations, giving you extensive remote management capabilities that are usually only available onsite. The functions vary depending on the equipment or energy asset in question, but each has its own set of control functionalities. 

These can include operating hours, on/off, and even more advanced models like adjusting energy asset operations to account for weather patterns and geographic locales. In addition, these remote controls can be used outside of our solution, using our SDK, providing MSPs and internal support services flexibility in their implementation.  

What is the Result?

Using Galooli’s DAC, you can eliminate the need for onsite maintenance for many frequent issues and prevent any additional damage by remotely turning off and troubleshooting the problematic asset. In the case of networks of hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of sites, our solution can help sync these assets en masse without the need to deal with each issue individually. 

Take back control of your remote assets’ performance and longevity with Galooli’s Dynamic Active Control.